The National Traveling Gavel Program was implemented with the sole purpose of promoting Nation wide Masonic fellowship. With this in mind the gavel has it's own unique rules of travel. Having the gavel in your lodge is a great honor, as well as a huge responsibility. If your lodge has the gavel, it becomes your responsibility to try to get it into another state. Officers of the lodge are encouraged to carry the gavel out of state and present it to another lodge.

Gavel Rules

1.) The secretary of the lodge that recives the gavel as well as the secretary of the lodge that accepts the gavel must each notify the National Traveling Gavel program of it's current location. This allows us to document the current location on our web site, as well as issue your numbered National Traveling Gavel certificate.

2.) An out of state visiting brother Trumps all others. Ex: your lodge has 10 members visiting from the next county , and 1 visitor from out of state. The gavel must be presented to the brother from out of state. Members of White House #700 can claim the gavel over all others.

3.) Officers are allowed to present the gavel to out of state lodges. Ex: if you are a officer of your lodge, going on vacation and plan on attending an out of state lodge take the gavel to present to the lodge. (With 2 weeks notice we will gladly send you the numbered National Traveling Gavel certificate to present with the gavel.)

4.) In state travel: a.) the gavel can be taken by any lodge visiting with 3 stationed officers. The exception being sub section B B.)On a 3rd degree, the gavel may be taken by the brother's most senior Masonic visiting family member. C.) in the event of a tie the Worshipful Master must flip a coin.

5.) Tell every mason you know. When your lodge gets the gavel, tell everyone invite brethren to your lodge. After all this is why the program was started.

6.) Emergency contact information, if you have gavel related questions that were not addressed in the rules contact Jayson Wolbert at 615-533-0295

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